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What blessing Will You Ask Today

Give me a blessing (Judges 1:15) This little story of daughter Achsa going boldly to her father Caleb for a blessing is recorded twice in the bible. Caleb gave to his daughter a portion of South land, but Achsa goes to her father for more blessings. Caleb knew his daughter was coming with a request and asks her what she wants even before she asks.

This is the same question our father in heaven ask us each time when we go in prayer. Dear child of mine what do you want from me ? As I was meditating on these words l thought what blessing should I ask God ? Achsa was already blessed by her father and so I am too blessed by God but just like Achsa there is a need for more.

I am sure I have a long list of things to ask God, but these words of Jesus came to my mind "Give us today our daily bread" (Mathew 6:11) . Yes I know what blessing I should ask ...."Ask for my today's bread". Dear God, Bless me to live today well. Bless me to be true to myself today. Help me to do the right thing today and help me feel the joy of it.

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