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  • The Church becomes a house of prayer for all nations

  • Uniting with other Christian believers in corporate and intercessory prayers


  • The body of Christ to participate in Pentecostal worship that exalt God, engages heart, mind and soul and challenges to deeper commitment and discipleship

  • Life itself which is according to the Word of God is a worship

  • Meaningful Holy Spirit filled worship

  • Worshiping God based on the Word of God

  • Encouraging the spirit filled song leaders

Leadership training

  • Equipping and training men and women to become the leaders of the spiritual offices

  • Developing the mission, passion and encouraging each to be a missionary with all their activities

  • Developing, training and using the opportunities for everyone to their God given talents


  • To reach the unreached people group

  • Foster a genuine passion for the missing souls in the mind of the Christians to see and share Gospel in peculiar evangelism

  • Share Gospel through the life of each Church members

  • Pass it on to the next generation to reach the upcoming generations

  • Outreach by tract distribution, open air meetings, social medias etc.


  • Encourage local Churches to local relationship with in accord and like-hearted

  • Mentoring, coaching and counselling by elders and to build strong relationship with people and Jesus


  • Commitment to the God’s command to make disciples of all nations to develop committed and faithful followers of Jesus Christ

  • Church’s development which will result in reproducing themselves disciples making disciples

  • Church to give priority to developing in every facet of their life

  • Owning the commandment of Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations and act.


  • Encouraging all children to be part of Sunday school.

  • Church initiating in Sunday School and youth meetings and bible studies to educate them in Christian manner

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