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BCA Kids

Molding children to serve the communities around the world 

We here at BCA Kids Ministry, focus on how we can impart the love of God to our kids. We teach them to adhere to the biblical values at a very small age through learning, discovering and applying what they have learnt to their own lives. We want to see a young generation who will be spiritually, physically & emotionally strong pleasing to God and supporting the community. 


How we do it?

Alongside our church pastor, we have dedicated teachers who help our kids through the discipleship process. The teaching and learning process is through songs, memory verses, lessons, activities, crafts and multimedia were kids will discover there is a God who loves them, wants to have relationship with them and has a special plan for them.


When does it happen?

Our Kids Ministry occurs every Sunday from 8.45-9.50am.


You can contact us via our website or dial one of the contact numbers available on the website. BCA family welcomes all kids seeking to know God.

Youth & Young Adults

Charming men and women going about their Christian life sharing the love of God

Our Youth and Young Adult is a wing of BCA Church that is crucial to the faith development and personal growth of our young people and their leader. Alongside the Pastor and Elders of the church the youth leader plays an important part helping our youth in forming their identity based on biblical values. The church provides all support on the discipleship development of the youth and young adults.


We have english worship session every Saturday from 7 to 8.30pm where youths are involved. This involves worship, activities, bible study, preaching, building relationship and prayer. Furthermore, we conduct an after-church meeting every second week of the month that involves various activities to showcase and develop their talents. We also do track distribution as part of our outreach ministry.


You can contact us via our website either through email or dialling the contact numbers. BCA family welcomes all youth and young adults who needs spiritual support and want to make a difference in their life for God and towards the community.

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