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Protect Your Inheritance

Believe it or not, we all have an inheritance, a gift, a talent, given by God the Father himself. Once we are born of God, we become his children, inheriting many spiritual blessings. Each believer has their own unique lot, portion and a cup given by God. Some of these include God’s protection, provision, blessing, good health, favour and wellbeing.

A man who did not value his inheritance was Esau. Esau was given the birthright and all the blessings that came with it. However, Esau did not value his birthright and did not do anything to protect it. He despised it and exchanged his inheritance for a simple bowl of soup. In order to gratify his temporary hunger, he sold his rights as the firstborn. As a result, Jacob stole his inheritance and became a great nation, while Esau lost everything.

In contrast, we hear of another man in the Bible named Naboth who protected his inheritance even to the point of death. King Ahab offered Naboth a better vineyard or a large sum in exchange for his ancestral inheritance. However, Naboth understood the duty of protecting his ancestor’s inheritance and the responsibility he had to pass it on to the next generation. He firmly stood his ground and declined Ahab’s offer.

In the same way the devil will attempt to bargain for your spiritual vineyard with money, fame, praise or power. Be on your guard, as what you have obtained from God is of much greater worth than whatever the devil can give you. The unfolding of your inheritance during your lifetime is the trajectory to your destiny. Your sole purpose for being in the world is to discover your inheritance, to protect it and pass it on to your descendants. Whatever the devil offers you are temporal, while the things of God are eternal.

Let’s learn from Jesus, who rejected the three offers given by Satan, choosing rather to go all the way to the cross, to die and rise from the dead. Thus, protecting his assignment and completing the will of God for his life. Therefore, God exalted him to the highest place and gave him a name above every name.

God has set certain values and boundaries; it is up to us to maintain and protect it. If we let our boundaries be breached, the enemy can easily come in and take what rightfully belongs to us. Just us wine from a vineyard brings happiness to the owner, our spiritual vineyard is given to provide us with the joy and satisfaction we need. Therefore, guard the boundary of your vineyard and check for any possible weaknesses it could have. Guard you heart and soul, offering your time to the things of God. Spend time in prayer so you will not fall into any temptation that may come your way. Satan is after our inheritance and will stop at nothing to take it from us. We should be aware of our rights and promises as per God’s word, so we can have the confidence to stand our ground.

So, I encourage you all to fight for your inheritance. Do not give the devil a foothold over your life. Don’t give into his enticements and be tricked as Esau was. Submit to God and resist the evil one. If you do this your inheritance will be safe and secure. When your time comes to leave this earth, you will feel satisfied that you have taken good care of your inheritance and brought glory to God.

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