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How can this happen? Luke 1:34

"How can this happen "Mary asked to the angel since I am a virgin? The angel answered the" Holy Spirit I will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you" Luke 1:35. Mary the mother of Jesus gets visited by angel Gabriel who announces that she have found the favour with God and she is going to give birth to a son. Mary got startled asks the question how can this happen as she is a virgin.

Over the years we have heard many promises from God, it could be personal or in relation with the our family or with regards to our children. Many times we may have asked this question back to God how can this promise come to pass or how will this ever going to happen? When God give us a promise it may not make any sense as the situations we go through may look like it is not going to happen. Just when Mary was saying "I am a virgin ,that's impossible I can't have a baby without a man". The angel answers back to Mary  that the power of the Most high will come upon her and will cause her to conceive. Luke 1:35 Yes it is the Holy Spirit which helps us to know God's mind and comprehend God's truth. God's spirit will give us the assurance that whatever happens will work for the good to those who love God. Romans 8:28. Gods promises can happen even without a man's help just like Mary . Let us receive the promises given to us by faith Many a times Satan tries to break this faith in God and causes us to doubt God. May we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth and to bring our thoughts attitudes and actions in line with His plans.

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