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Hidden from Men but Visible in God's Sight

Think about this, a portion in the scripture, wherein Peter, goes to catch fish along with his mates John 21:2-11. Peter was much rather supposed to await to receive power from the Holy Spirit and become witness to where God places him, instead, he forgot all that he knew, learning from Jesus while on earth. God was watching on him, even when he decided to pursue permissible will from God. The day of fishing extended till early hours of the following morning, but he and his mates were not able to catch a single fish and they were distraught. Verse 4, the disciples did not recognise Jesus when he appeared to the fishing party. He asked Peter to cast the net to the right-hand side of the boat. When Peter did, he caught an incredible volume of fish (bible says 153 fishes in total), he even needed the support of his mates. The whole incident would have overwhelmed Peter knowing that he was outside the perfect will of God, and he had to confess to Jesus that he was a sinner. This was the turning point in Peter’s life that would make him steadfast in life choices and to never depart from God once for all.

Are you understanding what I have written to you? What are you hiding from? Do you think God is not watching you? Dear son and daughter no matter where you have strayed / hiding from, would you believe today, He is waiting to have a relationship with you, and will make straight path for you so that you are in God’s perfect will.

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